the 90-minute mommy makeover
calling all moms! a total life makeover is just 90 minutes away. 
The only makeover a mom needs. learn the Inside-Out makeover method to overcome anxiety, manage stress, 10x your time, & finally enjoy being a mom! The Only method designed for the mom brain.
A woman’s brain actually changes after she has a baby. She can’t process information the same way and is often highly distracted. This can often lead to a condition called Mom Fatigue Syndrome, where she experiences a lack of energy and willpower.  
A mom's biggest hurdle is always STRE overcome stress for GOOD.
A mom has a unique lifestyle where she manages a lot of unpredictability in her life. She never knows what the day holds! If she doesn’t have systems in place to manage it—systems that work with the mom brain—things quickly unravel and fall apart.  
A mom's biggest hurdle is always STRE overcome stress for GOOD.
A mom becomes like the people she hangs around. But for most moms, these groups are not intentionally created and can become potentially harmful. It can cause her to diminish her own power and drag her down instead of building her up. 

Do You Need A Mommy Makeover?

I have an ongoing "to do" list but it never gets done.
I often have stress headaches and need medication.
I don't have enough energy to make it through the day.
I can't finish the projects that I start and feel guilty.
I frequently get irritated with my children and yell at them.
I have zero motivation to do anything around the house.
I have health and/or weight issues that are lingering.
Forget the lie that momming is hard. Boosting your energy, getting more done, and creating overall happiness as a mom is NOT impossible! It’s actually a pretty easy task. Discover the variable and give it a shift. Problem is, most coaches and gurus don’t understand the mom brain or the mom life. And they don’t know how to create massive and sustainable transformation for moms. 

You don’t need more caffeine, a new diet, a decluttering expert, a better budget, or a different spouse. 

You need a Mommy Makeover! 

In this 90-minute Mommy Makeover Class, you are going to discover… 

0:11:38—What happens to the gray matter in a woman’s brain when she becomes a mom (you’ll never look at a designer bag the same way)

0:15:44—Why a mom starts projects and can’t finish them. BTW, it has absolutely nothing to do with willpower or stamina. 

0:18:27—The exact 4-step formula that will work 100% of the time to create positive change in a mom’s life, and moms don’t even know about it. 

0:22:08—The only 6 areas of your life that you need to change. And the secret tool to do all of it at the exact same time. 

0:25:52—The real reason diets, workouts, weight loss therapy, and even injections and hypnosis don’t work to lose weight. And the hidden method that does. 

0:27:13—The powerful strategy that will make habits stick—for good! (a “Lazy Susan” is going to look totally different after this class). 

0:29:28—The hidden part of the brain that is almost NEVER stimulated for a mom, which is why it’s almost impossible to create good habits.  

0:31:47—The REAL reason your house is cluttered (and why decluttering doesn’t work). Plus, why is gets decluttered within 30 days after you clean it out! 

0:34:11—The undercover reason you lose energy and motivation (PLUS—a huge warning for moms! Do NOT miss this!). 

0:39:44—One of Jesus’ hidden “power moves” that will determine whether your goals will ever be achieved. And He doesn’t even call attention to it! 

0:47:14—The only effective strategy that can quickly and permanently overcome depression for moms (and it’s not a supplement or pharmaceutical). 

0:51:33—How to collapse time for transformation in a mom’s life and shorten the curve—so you can get results in weeks instead of years. 

1:01:12—The only 2 choices a mom has to make in order to make a massive change in her life (and there is NO risk or loss for either). 

1:04:31How to get a $500 time management program—one that is designed by a specialist to work exclusively with the mom brain—for zero cost! 

1:06:56—The amazing testimony of how one simple program dramatically changed a woman’s life (and it’s all based in one chapter of the Bible). 
About Your Presenter
Hey there! I'm Hannah ... a mom of seven, a wife of one, and a lover of Jesus. I believe there is God-given greatness in everyone. And I have an insatiable desire to help them discover this and let the world see who they really are. Oh, and I’m crazy about helping moms.

After a few kids, I found myself out of shape, overwhelmed, deep in debt, and surrounded by clutter. I knew something had to change when I found myself sobbing uncontrollably in the laundry pile (at least it was clean laundry).

With God’s Word and bull-headed determination, I was able to create a better life for myself. In fact, better than I ever imagined. Now I help moms everywhere do the same.

I am so grateful for all the exposure I have received—from The Today Show, Rachael Ray, Fox and Friends, Forbes, Good Morning America, The Wall Street Journal, and MORE—it’s crazy, really. Once, I thought I was just a mom. Now I realize that it's the best career in the world.
My desire to help moms has led to an entire empire of serving others—from my reality series, “Hannah, Help Me!” where I help overwhelmed moms with my innovative techniques, to my online academy, Mom Mastery University, where moms are getting the coaching they need to create the lives they deserve—lives that are blessed like crazy.

And now... I want to help you.

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